Monday, February 21, 2011

Something to strive for 2: Engagement

While we each bring different expertise to the table, we are all leaders, or should strive to be. I may not be qualified in your area of expertise and you may not be qualified in mine. This means that we each have a vital role in the collaboration.

You may come to me with an issue that lends itself to my expertise, like back pain. However, my expertise is of little value without your expertise regarding your goals, expectations, and circumstances. For us to collaborate, we need each other’s contributions.

We need engagement.


Jerry Durham, PT said...

Excellent post with such a small amount of words!!
This works not only with patients but across the profession and as well in my everyday approach to "selling" Physical Therapy to referringg providers.

Thanks again for the post

Jerry Durham

Cory Blickenstaff said...

Thanks Jerry. Glad you liked it.

I see this as a general approach to any interaction.